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Logo arch.png Arch Linux

Logo debian.png Debian

Logo gentoo.png Gentoo

Logo mandriva.png Mandriva

Logo suse.png openSUSE

Logo pclinuxos.png PCLinuxOS

Logo pld.png PLD Linux Distribution

Logo ubuntu.png Ubuntu

Microsoft Windows

Logo windows.png Vista, 7, 8

Mac OS X

Logo macosx.png Mac OS X

Source code

Tar.png Kadu 4.2

Kadu for Windows Vista, 7, 8

Kadu 4.2


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Recommended way of upgrading Kadu IM is to turn off the program and uninstall previous version first and then run the installer of the new version. Uninstalling Kadu does not remove any user data, i.e. your configuration, chat history, etc.

Older versions

Previous releases of Kadu for Microsoft Windows can be downloaded from here.

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