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List of plugins for Kadu 0.12.3

Official plugins

Standard plugins maintained by Kadu Team

Name System Short description
amarok1_mediaplayer link= Amarok 1.x support for mediaplayer
antistring link=link=link= Antistring
autoaway link=link=link= Auto away plugin
auto_hide link=link=link= Auto hide Kadu window
autoresponder link=link=link= Autoresponder plugin
autostatus link=link=link= Autostatus
cenzor link=link=link= Cenzor
config_wizard link=link=link= Configuration wizard plugin
desktop_docking link= Always on top window docking plugin
docking link=link=link= Tray icon support (common part of all docking plugins)
encryption_ng link=link=link= Encrypted chat support
encryption_ng_simlite link=link=link= OpenSSL encrypted chat support
exec_notify link=link=link= Notification by external commands plugin
ext_sound link=link=link= External application sound support
falf_mediaplayer link= FALF support for mediaplayer
filedesc link=link=link= Description from file plugin
firewall link=link=link= Protection against unwanted chats
gadu_protocol link=link=link= Add support for Gadu-Gadu protocol to Kadu
growl_notify link=link= Notification using Growl
hints link=link=link= Notification by hints plugin
history link=link=link= Chat history storing, browsing and searching support
history_migration link=link=link= Importing chats history from Kadu 0.6.5
idle link=link=link= Idle time counter (used by autoaway and auto_hide)
imagelink link=link=link= Shows image links and youtube links as images and videos in chat
indicator_docking link= Adds support for Messaging Menu (Ayatana project)
itunes_mediaplayer link=link= iTunes support for mediaplayer
jabber_protocol link=link=link= Add support for Jabber/XMPP protocol to Kadu
last_seen link=link=link= Last status infos
freedesktop_notify link= Freedesktop notification support
mediaplayer link=link=link= Puts your current song in description
mpd_mediaplayer link= MPD support for mediaplayer
mprisplayer_mediaplayer link= Media player support for mediaplayer using MPRIS interface
pcspeaker link=link=link= PC-Speaker support
phonon_sound link=link=link= Phonon sound support
profiles_import link=link=link= Imports profiles from old Kadu
qt4_docking link=link=link= Qt tray docking techniques plugin
qt4_docking_notify link=link=link= Notification by qt4 docking plugin
qt4_sound link=link=link= QtSound sound support
screenshot link= Screenshot plugin for Kadu. Screenshots can be send directly using GaduGadu protocol
simple_view link= Simple view
single_window link=link=link= Single Window Mode
sms link=link=link= General SMS support plugin
sound link=link=link= General sound support
speech link=link=link= Speech synthesis support ("powiedz")
spellchecker link=link=link= Spellchecking in chat window
sql_history link=link=link= SQLite backend for hitstory plugin
tabs link=link=link= Tabbed chat dialog plugin
word_fix link=link=link= Automatic word replacement

External plugins

Additional plugins created and maintained by Kadu users.

Name Current version System Short description
anonymous_check 0.11.0-1 link=link=link= Automatic lookup of an interlocutor in public directory
globalhotkeys 0.12-32 link= Adds global hotkeys support to Kadu
kadu_completion 0.12.0-1 link=link=link= Bash completion-like module for Kadu
lednotify 0.12-33 link=link=link= Notifications using keyboard LEDs
mime_tex 0.12.0-2 link=link=link= TeX formula support
networkping 0.12-4 link=link=link= Periodically checks the network state
nextinfo 0.12-9 link=link=link= New ext_info plugin providing extended contact information support
panelkadu 0.12-10 link= Makes Kadu look and behave like a panel
senthistory 0.12-11 link=link=link= Adds history of sent messages to chat windows
messagessplitter 0.12-5 link= Automatically splits too long messages
importhistory 0.12.0 link=link=link= History importer from original GG client

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